Cory Marlene Sibal
Massage Therapy
for mind, body and spirit
South Burlington, Vt


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My massages are a mix of all that I have learned from these schools and seminars

graduated from:
Dove Star Alchemian Institute
Hookset, New Hampshire
826 hours in Kriya Sports Massage
Universal Institute of Healing Arts
Montpelier, Vermont
100 hours in Advanced Body Work
The Fine Art of Thai Massage
Chiang Mai, Thailand 
60 hours in  Thai Massage
Reiki Master Therapist
Usui Shiki Ryoho
seminars in:
`Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
`Level I CranioSacral Therapy
w/ Upledger Institute
`Neuromuscular Therapy
`Orthopedic massage
`Repetitive Use Injury Therapy(RUIT)
(Muscle Release Technique)
`Tuina  (in China)

`Trigger point work